What’s the opposite of Ocsober?

I have been having some average working weeks lately. Partly because Rob is on rural GP placement, so I have no one to talk to during the week when I get home from work! Although I quite enjoy time to myself, I’m a lot bubblier when I’m around others, so sometimes I need people.

Anyway, I have been making up for these boring weekdays with awesome weekends. The last two weekends have been fantastic, I have been making the most of them! I don’t usually go out much but I’ve been making more of an effort, and I have been rewarded with some of the most random fun times with friends and family.

It all started on a Thursday, I didn’t want to go home, so I asked my friend Eric if he was doing anything. He was, and invited me along. We went to Robot Bar in the city, and had a few fun drinks with friends Bec & Tom. The combination of people was perfect, we already knew each other, but don’t hang out in this small of a group usually. Then we went and had dumplings (from North East China Family) – which weren’t very good but the spring onion pancake was delicious, and the wine was going down easily. I think we were far too loud and enthusiastic annoyed the couple next to us who were clearly on their first date – but you know – if you want a quiet first date, you don’t go to a cheap dumplings restaurant! After this I ended up walking my bike home with a friend, and we had a cup of tea because that’s what cool 27-year-old people do – right? It was a heap of fun, and I felt it at work the next day but I didn’t care. I even backed it up that night with another pub session with some close friends! Two great nights in a row :-) The fun continued that weekend when I rode to Brunswick to hang out with my good friend Andrew – as well as my friend Nick and two other nice guys. I decided to have a relatively early night and be kind to my liver – and I enjoyed riding home slightly tipsy. And on Sunday, I celebrated my homegirl Kasia‘s birthday in South Melbourne at Hercules Morse (the coolest name for a bar).

I know what you’re thinking – Beck you clearly had a flippin’ rad time, but what did you wear? 

Well, let me tell you, I looked fierce.

ocsober thurs pink

Thursday I wore my new pink tartan leggings from BSkinz – they’re exactly the same fabric as Black Milk but so much cheaper! The fabric is awesome, so soft.

I really went nuts on the pink theme; gathered all my hello kitty & pink accessories, some black clothes and hey presto – there’s a work outfit!

ocsober thurs

We went to Robot Bar in Bligh Place, just off Flinders Lane. I’d never been there before but I’d go back. It was a fun after work drinks bar, and the cocktails were bloody delicious. At about 8pm we realised we should eat dinner, so made the long journey around the corner to North East China Family for some dumplings. The dumplings were average, not too bad, but I don’t think they’d be nice if I ate them sober. The spring onion pancake was bloody delicious though, I would go back just to eat those! As you can see below we had a great time :-)

ocsober dump

This is my good friend Eric. He has an old school Nokia phone. Classic hipster phone!

ocsober nokia

I think I dressed myself very well on Friday, especially considering I was very hung over and had a huge day ahead. I was still buzzing from the great night I’d had; so I think that helped me get through the day! My dressing theme for Friday was ‘BLING BLING’. Dollar leggings (Black Milk), rose gold belt (Sportsgirl), obnoxious rose gold chain (Diva); sheer top (H&M) with studded crop (Primark) underneath. Although I was feeling shit, I was looking fierce. Looking fierce definitely helped my hangover :P

Oh and my ridiculous bright pink socks with bananas on them added a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’.

ocsober dollar fri

Waiting for friends at my local pub – the Turf Club while enjoying the beautiful weather, some chippies and a cheeky bev. The Turf is a great pub, close to my work and my house, and they have great happy hour prices, awesome bar staff; good food; and a great relaxed vibe. The staff know me, because we consistently visit about once a week for a couple of cheekies.

ocsober old money

We met some German guys who we were trying to beat at darts, and then foosball. One was sledging us, it was great – Aussies are known for their sledging so it’s only fair we cop it back. It was one of those nights were people came and went, Eric popped in; Rob arrived on the Vline, Lauren had come in from Ballarat the day before, and PVK made the long trip from Horsham. Oh and Pete and I work close-by, so we didn’t have far to come! Pete and Lauren stayed at our house, and I made everyone a big glass of Hydralyte before bed because I’m a great host!

ocsober foosball

Saturday’s weather was delicious. We went and met Eric and a friend at North Carlton Canteen. I was less hung over (thanks past Beck making everyone a Hydralyte) and enjoyed my breakfast/brunch/lunch. After that Rob and I went for a ride and enjoyed the sunshine in the park. I wore shorts because the weather was soooooo nice!

ocsober park

Later Rob went to his parents house in the suburbs – and I was planning a quiet night in. But then I rode to meet friends at the Union Hotel. I wore black suspenders (Black Milk), my amazing Shaa-Zaam shoes; a pink skirt (Black Milk); a long white t-shirt (Sportsgirl) and my favourite dog necklace (Reroy Kawaii). Oh and I chucked on some pink lippy to make me feel fancy. Oh and my fake hipster glasses because I was riding at dusk – the bugs always fly into my face – so these clear glasses are actually a lifesaver/eye-saver/mascara-saver. My friend Nick was wearing some sweet Nike kicks and a Yankees snapback cap so I was feeling fabulous in super fly company.

ocsober pink

Although I wanted Saturday night to kick on, the little old lady inside me told me to go home. So I did, and I got a good nights rest.

I think the rest allowed me to nail my outfit on Sunday too, and I’m annoyed at myself that I didn’t take a full length outfit photo! I wore my DIY acid wash denim jacket; Studded unicorn tee (Zara); Black collar sleeveless shirt (StaffbyMaff); Black Zombies leggings (Black Milk); Reebok black hi tops; Three tone necklace, Cheap Monday sunnies and a cute Cath Kidston dog badge (all from Asos)! It was raining so I decided to catch the tram instead. I put on my Red Velvet Velvetines lipstick by Lime Crime; and I was ready to go!

ocsober sunday

I’m definitely going to have to wear this outfit again because it was great, and I never got any photos of it!

ocsober tram

I finished my weekend waiting for a tram home. I like this photo, the mix of the fading light; street lights; and tram are a snapshot of a Melbourne spring evening.

This was only one of my awesome weekends, if I get a chance/my liver doesn’t pack it in/I can find some photos; I’ll write another post!

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Let me tell you about: Kweku Clothing

Let me tell you about a new favourite clothing brand of mine – Kweku Clothing. I discovered them last month when wandering Camden Market in London. If you’ve ever been there you will know how massive, confusing and maze like it is. Well, I was exploring and I walked past a little shop selling tops & jumpers with cool prints on them. The guy in there looked friendly too! But I walked past – rookie error.

After looking in about 20 other shops, I kept thinking about this little shop I saw – it would not get out of my head, I needed to find it. So I got myself a cup of tea and some Spanish churros, and formulated a plan of attack to find this shop (looked on Google maps to see if it could help me – it couldn’t). This was not going to be easy – I didn’t know the name of the shop. All I knew is there was a walkway in front and to the side, so it was on a corner somewhere. Luckily I do have a pretty good sense of direction so I was able to walk to the approximate area without too much trouble. Then after exploring about 5 corridors I found it! YAY! I was so happy! I walked in had a look, tried on a t-shirt, met Kweku (who is not only the nice smiley man in the shop, but the designer and creator of these awesome designs), bought it, fell in love with a jumper – and then Kweku told me about his online store. Well that is just a recipe for disaster isn’t it – I love online shopping, and Kweku Clothing offers free shipping to Australia! So now I’m sitting here typing in my awesome dog jumper and I have to tell people about it because it’s so bloody rad. Seriously. SO RAD. See for yourself!


I really love the simple but bold, striking designs. The quality of the jumper and t-shirt are great, I would definitely recommend this brand. I actually got really excited when the jumper arrived in the mail, and since I received it last week I have worn it almost every day. That is how much I love it. I am even wearing it at work today because it’s Friday, and I figure I can get away with it :-) The pieces are all unique and I like that I am supporting a small business too.




Let me tell you about – Kweku Clothing:

Odd Dogg Sweatshirt - Kweku Clothing £30

Pyramids Gold Skirt - Black Milk Clothing $70

Matte Black Leggings - Black Milk Clothing $40

Black boots - Pierre Fontaine $40

Gold Owl ring – Market

Gold lion necklace – (can’t remember where I got it from)

Duffle coat – Myer $120

Pink black and white scarf – Birthday present :-)

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Shwing Shwing! Hello?

Do you know what Shwings are? Watch the video above and you’ll find out. A friend linked me to these amazing shoe accessories – called ‘Shwings’ a few months ago. I was tempted to buy but didn’t get around to it because they were based in the US. I wanted to buy from an Australian site, so I emailed the Australian distributor for some details.

They were kind enough to send me three awesome pairs to try out! They sent me a red glitter pair, a pink foil pair, and a flame pair. Here is a selection of photos from my travels over the last month, featuring Shwings!


Pink foil shwings in Paris (Bodysuit – Black Milk Clothing; Awesome Shorties – BMC


Red foil schwings in Paris (Strawberry leggings – BMC; Dot Tee – Sophia James/BMC; Strawberry Earrings – ReroyKawaii; Strawberry Vans)


Pink foil shwings at Mont-Saint-Michel (Pink & White striped catsuit – Drop Dead Gorgeous Couture; Sheer button up dress – Saxony; Reebok Hi Tops – Paul’s Warehouse, Sydney Swans Snap Back – Aliexpress)


Pink foil shwings in Y Felinheli, North Wales (Ribs swim – BMC; Awesome Shorties – BMC; Reebok Hi Tops – Paul’s Warehouse)


Red sparkle shwings at Conwy Castle, North Wales (Rollings stones tee – Primark; One Teaspoon Denim Shorts – Danger Haus Boutique; Strawberry Vans; Sydney Swans Snap Back – Aliexpress)

So far I’ve worn them on several pairs of shoes, and they look great on each different style I’ve tried. I’ve worn the pink and red ones with my white reebok hi tops, and I’ve worn the red glitter Shwings with my Strawberry Vans. I have yet to try the flame style yet, I might wear them on the plane ride home – I’ll make sure to take some photos.

These things are so cool, I will definitely be buying more, and maybe even stocking them in my ReroyKawaii shop if I get enough interest! In the meantime you can buy it from the Stockists listed here - you can search for the closest shop to your postcode; or at this online store which carries the whole range (shipping within Aus is $6.95 but free if you spend over $49).

I just clicked on that site, now I’m compiling a list of all the other ones I want :-) I’m eyeing off the leopard print, tiger and maybe another glitter pair of Shwings. Looks like I’m going to need some more sneakers too!

Which ones are you eyeing off? Let me know via the comments :-)

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Bonjour France!

Hello from Y Felinheli, Gwynedd, Wales! Here I am, in the Northern Hemisphere enjoying another summer :-) In fact, the news keeps calling it a ‘heatwave’ and the weather is apparently causing deaths. Now for that to happen in Australia, the temperatures would have to be consistently over 40 degrees. But here it’s between 25 – 30 and people aren’t coping. Um what? Wow, it really must be freezing here during the rest of the year! The weather has been lovely both in France and in Wales.

I should really start at the beginning though! About 2 weeks ago, we flew out of Melbourne, via Kuala Lumpur, and landed in Paris!
Here’s a summary of the flights:
First leg MEL-KL: a small plane, my headphones cable got cut about 3/4 way through the journey by the chair arm. I cried and cracked it. Then I went to sleep with the help of some drugs. Rob felt bad because he put the arm up and down. Sigh. Anyway, luckily my fancy new headphones are in two parts, so you can buy a new cable. Which is what we did in KL, but it cost $25, geez! And the quality of the cable isn’t great either, I need to replace it already, grr.
Second leg KL – Paris: We got to go in an A380. Up the top. BOOM! Such a nice plane, and Malaysian Airlines have roomier seat leg room which I really enjoyed! I watched some TV shows, then went to sleep to pass time, then I woke up at about 4am Paris time, and watched a movie which finished 5 minutes before we landed. PERFECTLY TIMED.
Oh when this plane took off and landed they turn on a camera on the tail of the plane – the coolest view ever! I was pretty happy when the flight was over, it was a long 13 hour flight
! Because we got into Paris so early – we weren’t able to check into our hotel, however we were able to dump our bags which was good.

On the flight I wore the very comfortable matte black leggings, my reebok shoes, and a StaffbyMaff Hoodie. The hood on that thing is amazing, it completely covered my head and blocked out a lot of the light which made sleeping a lot easier! It’s also quite warm which is good for chilly planes. I also put a pair of shorts in my carry on luggage (a small backpack) which came in handy at the very humid KL airport, as well as when we landed in warm Paris.

On that note, I was happy with the weight of my carry on luggage. I hate carrying too much stuff, and I packed pretty well this time – I also used bags within my bag which helped with organisation and getting stuff out. It might me a different story on the way back because I have done a bit of shopping, but ah well!

Here are some photos from the plane trip and the first couple of days in Paris. I will add some more blog posts with photos as I have a good data connection here Wales :-)








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Hell yeah hex!


One of my favourite outfit ensembles from July last year! My how time flies :-)

Originally posted on reroy:

Yesterday was a great mail day – I received TWO packages in the mail! One was some sweet shoes I ordered a while ago, and the other was my new Hex leggings which I bought from another sharkie!

Ever since we were sneak peaked these beautiful leggings I have needed them. I was away in Japan when they were released, but eventually bought them the other day. I also placed an order yesterday morning with Black Milk, as they had a mini release. Black Milk continue to amaze me with their amazingly fast packing and shipping skills – my great wave dress; matte catsuit; and white roses leggings arrived today! I think I might have to try them all on tonight :

Anyway, I knew I was going to wear my hex today because they are awesome, and as I woke up late (story of my life these days)…

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Today I wore pants :-O

So I’m back, it’s been a couple of days since I got really down, and unfortunately the dementors are still flying around me. That is the worst thing about depression; those damn dementors are happy to show up in a jiffy, but take a lot longer to piss off. Go away you stupid cloud! The grey Melbourne winter sky is bad enough without you! PISS OFF!

I didn’t go to netball training last night because I didn’t feel up to it. After the hurtful emails I received, I am scared to think what people will say to me in person, and I cannot handle that. I’m scared. Netball is something I enjoy, I do it for fun, and this year it’s turning into something I really dislike. I need to cut out all the negative things around netball and get back to basics! I play social netball with friends on Tuesday nights, and I really enjoy it. It’s fun playing without any pressure, and I like when I play because my brain is distracted from everything for 45 minutes. It seems like a short amount of time, but it’s quite refreshing when you have your brain working against you all day. It’s like the dementors & clouds aren’t allowed into the netball stadium. The netball stadium is like Hogwarts then? I never knew Box Hill was so magical :-)

So last night I sat at home alone but it was ok, because I went to the shops & watched telly! I went and bought three blocks of coconut rough Cadbury chocolate (the best flavour ever – but only available in the winter months – BOOOOO), some Pepsi max, fish & chips, and Pure blonde beer. I then watched some episodes of Gavin & Stacey (preparing for my trip to Wales in July – alright?), and the IT Crowd (I had only watched a couple of episodes before now). I had a great night tucked up on the couch and I didn’t miss cold, rainy, dark netball training at all. When Rob got home he provided me with hugs, which always make me feel better. So last night was good for taking my mind off things, but it’s always only temporary, which is the worst.

I am also really struggling to get up in the morning (because of bad sleeping, silly brain etc), which is why I’m able to start work at 930-945. It sounds great in theory, however it means I have to work until 6pm which is a bit of a pain, and a bit lonely (everyone else leaves work at about 4pm). However I do live 5 minutes from work, so I can deal with it :-)

So, at last we get to the title of this post – today I wore pants. Yes, it’s true. My colleagues couldn’t believe it. My manager looked me up and down and said I looked strange! Everyone in the office was giving me strange looks. I don’t think I’ll do it again. It seems they’ve all adjusted to and accepted my standard leggings & dress attire, and me wearing pants is now terrifying. I heard people whispering that the zombie apocalypse must be upon us, or the end of the world! Pants are not comfortable. They require too much adjusting, they are far too restrictive, and make me slow at riding my bike. Plus, how am I supposed to fly kick someone to the head when I can’t even climb two stairs at once due to stupid pants?

20130614_111304Pants? I’m not too sure about this.

When I get home I’m going to change into leggings immediately. Maybe even a catsuit. Comfort is calling, and her name is spandex/stretchy nylon.

Reroy xx

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I gotta break out

This might  not be the best blog post, I’m feeling pretty down today. I suffer from depression. Are you surprised? Sometimes it shocks people, because I can usually cover it, and go about public life in a fairly ‘normal’ way. This is because usually I can manage it ok with medication, but when I get really stressed or anxious I start to lose control. Today I was dealing with some netball club issues (I’m on the committee, and am the acting president) and the level of bitchiness and nastiness was really off the chain. So now I’m feeling like crap because of some hurtful emails that people have sent my way. 

Despite what people think about me, I do not like confrontation. I dread it. Because people judge me from what they see – tall, loud, wears outrageous clothes, they think that is how I must be all the time. They often mistake passion for anger. That is one of the biggest misconceptions, and it annoys me to no end. I am a very passionate person. Just because I raise my voice and seem like I care doesn’t mean I’m angry. I am extremely loyal and I care deeply for people around me. I resent that people think I’m angry. I’m actually a joker, I don’t like being angry, I love laughing, making jokes and making people happy!

Anyway, today I got that horrible feeling back that I’d managed to keep at bay for a couple of years. The feeling that I’m walking under a giant black cloud. A cloud that follows me everywhere. It sucks the life out of me, makes me frown, makes me not care about anything. It’s kind of like a dementor from Harry Potter. I can see no joy in my life, everything turns grey. I was wearing green & black today but I felt as if I was just black & grey all over. It’s a really strange feeling to try and explain. I was so sad, upset and grey that I didn’t eat lunch. For anyone who knows me, that is a really big deal. I love lunch. I love food. All the time. But no, I didn’t want lunch. Cos the bloody grey black cloud was making me feel like doing nothing. For the rest of the day I alternated between being distracted by my colleagues (laughing about silly things takes my mind off the cloud), and crying silently at my desk as more emails came through. As I am now terrified of my inbox I created a rule that hopefully makes all mean and nasty emails go to a special folder – I shall look at that when I’m feeling better and can handle it.

I left work early, because, let’s be honest, I was pretty useless and not doing much work. I went via the post office on the way home to pick-up a parcel, and was hoping that the post office dog was there. She wasn’t :-( It’s days like this that I really miss having a dog. Rob’s at work, I need company, and animals give you that support without asking questions. When we get back from Europe I’m going to get a dog. Speaking of dogs, I’m also currently scanning heaps of old photos of Moggy Dog. I’ve been meaning to do it ever since she passed earlier this year. I was lying on my bed after work, and knew that scanning photos would at least make me a little happy when looking at old photos. So here are a couple of photos of Mog to finish off this post on a positive note :-)

beck mog xmas 98

Me and Mog Christmas morning 1998

dane mog couch

My brother on the couch with Mog :-)

mog head chair

Beautiful Mog on her chair

xmas 97 family

I think I might take a day or two off work and netball to sort my head out

Reroy xx

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The fast and the fiercest

You might not know this about me, but I ride my bike. A lot. I live very close to the Melbourne CBD and it is the quickest, cheapest, fastest and funnest way to get around town! I especially like riding at night. It’s easy to get places, I can leave whenever I want and don’t have to rely on Public Transport, and I can have a few bevos without worrying if I’m over .05 BAC. On Saturday night I went and had dinner with one of my best friends, who also happens to be one of my school friends. We’ve known each other for 12 years and counting, and my love for him stays just as strong. He recently moved back to Melbourne after a few years away living in Tasmania and Canberra. Now he lives within perfect biking distance, and is a bike rider like me, so we get to go on many adventures easily. He lives about 3km from my house, so we hung out and had some drinks, chatted and enjoyed each others company. I’m so glad he lives so close and is often available when I am! Anyway, I felt super fierce when I rode to his house the other day. I’d just had my hair done that afternoon, and I was wearing suspenders and a pink skirt – quite a sight on a bike! Here’s what I wore:
I know the photos aren’t great quality but me & self timer at 1am can only do so much. Plus it’s more the general vibe and theme of the photos that I wanted to capture :-)






The fast and the fiercest:

Matte Black Suspender Pantyhose- Black Milk Clothing $99

Pink crushed velvet skirt – Black Milk Clothing $30

Reebok Freestyle Hi shoes -  Paul’s Warehouse $30

Jorge fake leather cropped jacket

Hipster glasses (clear lens) – Daiso $2.80

Black gloves – Daiso $2.80

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Kylie, I am your father

Yes yes, I’ve been slack again. Work is a lot busier than last year, and I have been given more tasks to do – yay… This means less time for taking photos and blogging and other fun stuff. Anyway, here I am, and today I shall share with you a new favourite brand of mine – Saxony.

A friend introduced me to their amazing range – the cut of the fabric is so slick, I love it. I have been lucky enough to get a few things on sale, which is great, and now I have a few staple pieces. They mainly make things in black, white or grey, and it’s all about the cut, fabric, and drape. Their clothes make you feel super fancy and fierce – which is something everyone should be able to feel whenever the need arises!

The other rad thing I love about Saxony, is the many different ways you can wear and style each piece! You can make one item work several different ways and trick everyone into thinking you have heaps of clothes when really it’s just the same one. It’s all about how you work it!

For examples – see below. Look how many different ways I can wear this fabulous cardigan. It makes me look so fancy that people don’t even know I’m wearing a catsuit underneath. You can fool anyone with these clothes!

It also reminds me of a Kylie Minogue outfit (Can’t get out out of my head era) cross with a jedi/darth vader!

kylie minogue father

It turns out that in photos 1 through 6 I’m actually wearing it upside down, but I love the way it hangs so I actually prefer wearing it this way :-)

grey sax 1

grey sax 2

grey sax 3

grey sax 4

grey sax 5

grey sax 6

These three photos I’m wearing it how it’s designed to be worn, but it doesn’t cover my bum!

grey sax 7

grey sax 8

grey sax 9

Kylie, I am your father:

Saxony grey frontier cardigan – Saxony $48

Matte black catsuit – Black Milk Clothing $90

Cobalt blue suede chelsea style boots – Rubi Shoes $28

Cobalt blue heart belt – Asos $10

Cobalt blue scarf – Cotton On $9

Grey small flowers crown – Reroy Kawaii $20

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Malibu Barbie

Happy New Year! Sorry it’s taken me until March to do my first blog post for the year, I have been flat out at work and being social and haven’t found the time to upload photos to my blog. But it’s all good, cos I’m back. Hope the first two months of this year have been great for you, Black Milk have been releasing items like there’s no tomorrow which is awesome! But not great for my bank account!

Anyway I feel I should do a quick rundown of 2013 for me so far – January is super busy at work – a complete write off. However there was one significant thing that happened in January: we had to put down my beautiful dog Mog. She was 17.5 years old, we got her way back in 1996 when she was 9 months. She was a pound dog we rescued. She brought so much joy to our lives, and our whole family was shattered when we had to put her down. She was the kind of dog that everyone fell in love with. I had been planning to get a tattoo from Emily Rose Murray for a while; and managed to get a cancellation appointment in January. It turned out that my tattoo would be done only two days after we put Mog to sleep – the timing freaked me out a lot. Anyway, I now have a beautiful tattoo on my thigh (my first tattoo) and Mog is with me always. I could not have asked for a better memory of Mog :-)

Here is a pic of the photo I gave Emily to base my tattoo on; and my healed tattoo. 

Mog tattoo

February consisted of an engagement party for a friend, high tea and Rob’s birthday. The social calendar was pretty full, so I will try and find some photos of what I wore to these events. Now, onto the outfit in this post. I bought the Zen CSBS (Cap Sleeve Body Suit) from Black Milk, a little worried about how my megalong torso would fit. To my pleasant surprise, it stretched and fit really nicely! Because the fabric is designer rather than printed, it has a bit more give lengthwise, which is a great relief. After my first successful foray, I decided to lash out and buy the Barbie Spewed on Me CSBS. I was a little apprehensive as to whether I’d wear it, but again it pleasantly surprised me! I love the colours, the fabric is super fun, and a little shiny. I wore this outfit to work on a Friday, it was pretty crazy compared to what I usually wear but I thought, screw it, it’s casual friday and I was still dressed better than my colleagues. I felt like Malibu Barbie in this outfit, and I matched my bike :-) I like the combination of the shoes too, they add a touch of fanciness and colour.

barbie spew 2

Also, I bought a new bike just after Christmas last year, isn’t she a beauty! The grand plan is to get it repainted white and put multi coloured polka dots all over it :-)

barbie spew 3



barbie spew1

Oh and I found the perfect pair of earrings (in my jewellery collection) to match this bodysuit!


Malibu Barbie:

Barbie Spewed on Me Cap Sleeve Body Suit – Black Milk Clothing $70

White denim shorts – Big W $15

Dr Martens oxford brogues –  ShoeBuy.com $80

Tropical earrings – Op Shop $2

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