Kylie, I am your father

Yes yes, I’ve been slack again. Work is a lot busier than last year, and I have been given more tasks to do – yay… This means less time for taking photos and blogging and other fun stuff. Anyway, here I am, and today I shall share with you a new favourite brand of mine – Saxony.

A friend introduced me to their amazing range – the cut of the fabric is so slick, I love it. I have been lucky enough to get a few things on sale, which is great, and now I have a few staple pieces. They mainly make things in black, white or grey, and it’s all about the cut, fabric, and drape. Their clothes make you feel super fancy and fierce – which is something everyone should be able to feel whenever the need arises!

The other rad thing I love about Saxony, is the many different ways you can wear and style each piece! You can make one item work several different ways and trick everyone into thinking you have heaps of clothes when really it’s just the same one. It’s all about how you work it!

For examples – see below. Look how many different ways I can wear this fabulous cardigan. It makes me look so fancy that people don’t even know I’m wearing a catsuit underneath. You can fool anyone with these clothes!

It also reminds me of a Kylie Minogue outfit (Can’t get out out of my head era) cross with a jedi/darth vader!

kylie minogue father

It turns out that in photos 1 through 6 I’m actually wearing it upside down, but I love the way it hangs so I actually prefer wearing it this way :-)

grey sax 1

grey sax 2

grey sax 3

grey sax 4

grey sax 5

grey sax 6

These three photos I’m wearing it how it’s designed to be worn, but it doesn’t cover my bum!

grey sax 7

grey sax 8

grey sax 9

Kylie, I am your father:

Saxony grey frontier cardigan – Saxony $48

Matte black catsuit – Black Milk Clothing $90

Cobalt blue suede chelsea style boots – Rubi Shoes $28

Cobalt blue heart belt – Asos $10

Cobalt blue scarf – Cotton On $9

Grey small flowers crown – Reroy Kawaii $20

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One thought on “Kylie, I am your father

  1. Cara says:

    That is such a cool cardigan!!!

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