Shwing Shwing! Hello?

Do you know what Shwings are? Watch the video above and you’ll find out. A friend linked me to these amazing shoe accessories – called ‘Shwings’ a few months ago. I was tempted to buy but didn’t get around to it because they were based in the US. I wanted to buy from an Australian site, so I emailed the Australian distributor for some details.

They were kind enough to send me three awesome pairs to try out! They sent me a red glitter pair, a pink foil pair, and a flame pair. Here is a selection of photos from my travels over the last month, featuring Shwings!


Pink foil shwings in Paris (Bodysuit – Black Milk Clothing; Awesome Shorties – BMC


Red foil schwings in Paris (Strawberry leggings – BMC; Dot Tee – Sophia James/BMC; Strawberry Earrings – ReroyKawaii; Strawberry Vans)


Pink foil shwings at Mont-Saint-Michel (Pink & White striped catsuit – Drop Dead Gorgeous Couture; Sheer button up dress – Saxony; Reebok Hi Tops – Paul’s Warehouse, Sydney Swans Snap Back – Aliexpress)


Pink foil shwings in Y Felinheli, North Wales (Ribs swim – BMC; Awesome Shorties – BMC; Reebok Hi Tops – Paul’s Warehouse)


Red sparkle shwings at Conwy Castle, North Wales (Rollings stones tee – Primark; One Teaspoon Denim Shorts – Danger Haus Boutique; Strawberry Vans; Sydney Swans Snap Back – Aliexpress)

So far I’ve worn them on several pairs of shoes, and they look great on each different style I’ve tried. I’ve worn the pink and red ones with my white reebok hi tops, and I’ve worn the red glitter Shwings with my Strawberry Vans. I have yet to try the flame style yet, I might wear them on the plane ride home – I’ll make sure to take some photos.

These things are so cool, I will definitely be buying more, and maybe even stocking them in my ReroyKawaii shop if I get enough interest! In the meantime you can buy it from the Stockists listed here - you can search for the closest shop to your postcode; or at this online store which carries the whole range (shipping within Aus is $6.95 but free if you spend over $49).

I just clicked on that site, now I’m compiling a list of all the other ones I want :-) I’m eyeing off the leopard print, tiger and maybe another glitter pair of Shwings. Looks like I’m going to need some more sneakers too!

Which ones are you eyeing off? Let me know via the comments :-)

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4 thoughts on “Shwing Shwing! Hello?

  1. Indie says:

    Neon green, and pretty much any of the foil ones! Give me NEON or give me death!

  2. Brent Hughes says:

    Are you from Y Felinheli? I have wanted to visit North Wales and wanted to know more about it. What is the best time to visit? The sun looks to be out in your picture above. Also how did you get there…the closest airport I see is Dublin. Very nice blog and clothes!

    • reroy says:

      No I’m from Melbourne, Australia! I was visiting North Wales, and we happened to stay in Y Felinheli by chance and it was lovely. We were there in late July – early August and the weather was quite nice – but I think there was a bit of a heatwave across the UK at the time :)
      Bangor is also nice, as well as Anglesey. We visited Conwy which was also beautiful, but I saw Llandudno on the telly the other day and I wish we went there also!
      In regards to getting there, we took a train from London to Bangor – it took us about 3 hours – definitely the quickest way to get there. However a car would have been handy in North Wales, so if you could hire one when you get there, I would recommend that in order to see all the sights!

      • Brent Hughes says:

        Oh ok, hopefully warmer in Melbourne than the US, freezing here, brrr. Your information is fantastic! :) My friends and I are planning a trip and at first thought the only way into Y Felinheli was by barge via Dublin. :) Now we can just fly into London and I love the trains. Going to run your list of sites by my friends and recommend we hire a car. This trip may be so great that we may not want to leave! Thank you so very much for sharing. Very exciting!

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